BLRT Masinaehitus carries out assembly and welding of metalworks that weigh up to 3 tons and that are made from carbon steel. Together with our partner, the BLRT Marketex, welding of products weighing up to 30 tons is possible.

Our welders are certificated to DIN 18800-7:2002-09 and DIN EN 729-2:1994. Technological welding procedures and instructions (WPS and WPQ) are developed for welding processes.

At customer’s will we carry out nondestructive particle testing of welded products (NDT): radiographic, ultrasonic or magnetic one.

In case of serial production all designs are gathered and welded by means of special industrial equipment.

BLRT MASINAEHITUS uses modern inverter welding devices and ways of welding such as:

  • Manual arc welding
  • Semi-automatic or automatic MAG-welding (Welding in protective gas with solid section wire melting electrode in active gas)
  • Semi-automatic or automatic MIG-welding (welding in protective gas with solid section wire melting electrode in inert gas)
  • Welding in protective gas with a flux-cored melting electrodes (semi-automatic or automatic)

The welding robot MIG/MAG "MOTOMAN".

Industrial robots with arc welding equipment are one of the major tools in BLRT Masinaehitus arsenal. Use of the robot allows to supervise main technological parameters, practically to exclude defects, to optimize technological time, to work under challenging conditions and in hard-to-reach spots. I.e. to work most effectively.

Welding equipment

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Name  Quantity pcs  Workpiece weight, (kg)
 Welding machines (EWM  PHONENIX 401, Kemppi FastMig 400)  20  -
 Welding robot MOTOMAN MA2010 VMF-500  1  500
 Welding robot MOTOMAN  XRC  1  170