Universal machining

Universal processing machines are applied by Masinaehitus for manufacturing of details and metal constructions of small-scale and individual production.

As a part of universal processing machines, there are:

  • Universal lathes are designed for manufacturing and processing of the details the have a shape of the bodies of rotation.They are applied for grinding of cylindrical, conic, shaped surfaces, for trimming of buttends, and also for drilling and expansion of openings, for threading, samples of grooves, drilling and other operations.

    The maximum dimensions of a billet are the following: length 2,700mm; width 700mm, height 400mm.

  • Universally milling machines are designed for conducting of various milling operations by cylindrical, trimmed, final and shaped mills. They are applied for processing of horizontal and vertical planes, grooves, frameworks, corners, cogwheels, spirals.

    The maximum dimensions of a billet in case of carrying out milling operations are the following: length 3,150mm; width 850mm, height 1,000mm.

  • Universally slotting machine is designed for flat and shaped surfaces of parts, hard-to-straight or curved exterior and interior surfaces, by chiselling.

    The maximum size of the processed groove: height 400mm, width 2000mm, 2000mm diameter.

  • Universal gear-hobbing and gear-slotting machines are intended for gear cutting works. We make asterisks and gear wheels by the specified equipment.

    The maximum parameters of cogwheels are the following: diameter 800mm, length of the cog 275mm, length 1,000mm.

  • Universal grinders are designed for round (processing of external surfaces) and flat grinding of products (flat and profile surfaces).

    Flat polishing: length 760mm, width 200mm, height 170mm
    Round polishing: length 710mm, diameter (max): 340mm.

Heat treatment site.

Masinaehitus applies the following types of thermal processing:

Hardening - gives a steel detail big hardness and wear resistance.

Cementation - is one of the most important types of heat treatment by means of which wear resistance of details, endurance and fatigue durability improve.

Annealing - is applied for tension removal in a construction and for improving workability of details.